• Problems that Highly Sensitive People Typically Have - Below you can read an excerpt from the book: “Tools For Helpful Souls – especially for highly sensitive people who provide help either on a professional or private level”. Highly Sensitive People Sometimes Forget to Focus on Themselves.  When I speak with people who lack empathic skills, I help them practice by asking, “How do […]
  • Highly Sensitive People and Anxiety - There is a connection between anxiety and high sensitiveness. Highly Sensitive people have a vivid imagination and a rich inner life. It is a gift that makes them creative and able to see new possibilities. On the other hand, highly sensitive people are also extremely good at imagining what could go wrong. It is actually […]
  • In our time and culture the jaunty ones are the right ones - I have permission to bring this story from a workplace. Kasper, who is an introverted and highly sensitive person, recounts: “Even before the staff meeting a surprise was expected from the party committee. There were conjectures and most people were expectant. I don’t know if there were others besides me that looked forward to the […]
  • To travel the world – or prefering to stay at home! - Many introverted or highly sensitive people struggle to fit into current ideals. In our time and culture there is a lot of emphasis on being adventurous and having unlimited energy. If somebody have travelled a lot they are met with admiration and respect. The more active you are the more you are seen as resourceful […]
  • Should you always do what scares you? - It can be good to face your fears and do what scares you – even for highly sensitive people. Certain situations that feel dangerous, such as giving a talk or taking a plane, can become commonplace once one has done it enough. For example, I’m not yet completely comfortable with flying, but I’m counting on […]